How To Age Restrict A Discord Channel

Discord is a great platform to find and create new communities based on your preferences and choices. But there might be things that seems okay to you, but unsuitable for others. It can be some age-restricted stuff in the server.

To make the things more convenient, Discord gives you the feature to label your server as age-restricted. You can turn on the settings, and if anyone open the channel they will get the notification about the age-restricted content.

If you have a server with such content, that might not be suitable for some people, I will tell you how you can add an age-restriction to your channel in this post. So let’s begin.

Age-Restrict channel on Discord

Here’s how you can age-restrict a channel on Discord. Below you can find a complete step by step procedure for the same.

  • Open Discord, and go to the respective server
  • Now click on the “Edit Channel” button, on the channel that you want to add age-restrictions
edit channel on discord
  • In the overview tab scroll down a bit
  • You will find “Age-Restrict Channel” option
  • Toggle on the option
  • Click on the “Save Changes” button
age restriction discord
  • To be more cautious, you can make your channel private
  • Go to “Permissions” tab
  • There you will find “Private Channel” option
private channel discord
  • Toggle on it, click on “Save Changes”and done.

Over 18 but can’t access age-restricted channel

If you are 18+ but unable to access the channels that are age-restricted, you can appeal to Discord for the same. To do so follow the steps mentioned below-

Click photos of yourself holding the following items-

  • A photo ID, that contains your birth date.
  • And your Discord tag, written on a paper.
age restriction appeal discord

Once you done clicking photos, go to and enter your email id, select “Appeals, age update, other questions” and then “Update my age information”, enter the required details, upload the photos and submit the appeal.

Why age-restriction is important

Like all the other social media platforms, Discord also have its own community guidelines, you can’t post age-restricted content without setting up the restriction on the channel. Doing so, may cause policy violation, that can cause several enforcement measures including warning, removal of content, suspension of server or even account. So it is very important to have age-restriction on the channel.

That’s all about the age-restriction a channel. Wrapping up the post, by saying that, do follow Discord community policy, and stay within that, to avoid any kind of actions against your Discord account.

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