How To Add Reactions On Any Message On Discord

Discord is a very popular social media app where you can communicate with your friends and community. You can send text messages to the community on a server or can send a DM to your friends, and can reply back or send a reaction to the message.

In this post, we are going to discuss more about Discord’s reactions, super reactions and how you can use them to react to a message.

Reactions on Discord

Whenever you received a message on a server or in your DMs you can react to them using an emoji, this is known as reaction on Discord. To add a reaction on any message you can follow these steps-

  • Hover over the message on which you want to add a reaction
  • You will get an option bar, from that bar click on “Add Reaction” icon
add reaction in discord
  • You can also right click on the message and click on “Add Reaction” from the menu
add reaction in discord button
  • All the emoijs will open up
  • Click on the emoji that you want to use as reaction
emoji reaction in discord
  • Your reaction will be added below the message
react to message discord

Next to your reaction emoji, there will be “Add Reaction” icon that you can use to send multiple reaction to the message.

Quite easy to add a reaction on Discord, but that’s not it, there is another way that you use to react which is known as Super Reaction. What’s that? Let’s check out.

Super Reactions on Discord

Super reactions are the next level to the reaction on Discord. With super reaction you can add an animation as a reaction to the message. To use super reaction you can follow these steps-

  • Right click on the message for which you want to use super reaction, or just simply hover over it
add super reaction
  • Now click on “Add Super Reaction”
  • Now you will get all the super reactions/ animated emojis that you can use
add super reaction button
  • Click on one which you want to send
  • You can now see the super reaction below the message

Adding reaction to message on Discord

So, this is how you can add the reaction to message on Discord desktop or web version, you can also react using your smartphone, just long press on the message, and you get option to send reaction and super reaction. While any one can send emoji to react to a message, you need nitro subscription to send super reaction.

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