How To Add & Authorize Bots On Discord Server

Discord has become very popular social media app and millions of people love to use Discord to communicate with their friends and community. Discord user interface is quite simple and easy to use, in addition to that it comes with various amazing features that enhance the experience of the users.

One such feature is to add bot in Discord server. Adding and authorizing bot in quite simple and it gives you extra cool features that makes the Discord even more fun. In this post, we will discuss how you can authorize bots on Discord server and can enjoy a ton of new functionality.

What is bot?

discord bot

Before we get into how you can add the bot to your Discord server, let me tell you a little about the bots. Basically bots are the programs that can perform various activities and functions automatically with a very little or no human interaction. In Discord you can use bot to manage your server, to assign roles, to send messages, to play music, or many other things.

Authorize bot in Discord server

There are multiple bots available for different purposes, that you can find on the bot’s official website or other 3rd party websites. You can use any of the website or bot as per your requirement. Below is the step by step process to authorize the bot to Discord server(we are using a third party website to show you the process).

  • First of all visit the bot website, we are going to
  • Look for the bot that you want to use
  • Click on “Invite” or “Add” button
invite bot in discord
  • You will now redirected to Discord
  • Select the server for which you want to use the bot
  • Click on “Continue” button
add bot in discord
  • Read and confirm all the permission that bot needs
  • Click on “Authorize” button
authorize bot in discord
  • Solve the captcha, and done
  • You will get a Success message.

You have successfully authorized and add the bot to your Discord server. Now you can use the bot as per your need and can manage your server in a more easy and fun way.


Adding bot to the Discord server can give you additional benefits that you can use to manage your server.And now you know the complete procedure to add the bot in your Discord server. So add the bot and enjoy.

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