How To Add & Authorize App On Discord

Discord is a very popular social media app, millions of people use Discord because it is very easy to use and gives various amazing features. In addition to all the features that are inbuilt in Discord, it has a ability to add other 3rd party app or also known as bot.

There are hundreds and thousands of Discord bots available on the internet having there own unique features and abilities. You can easily add any bot that you want to use after giving them authorization on Discord. In this post, you will get to know how you can add and authorize app on Discord.

What is Discord app?

Discord apps or also known as Discord bots, are the software tools that let you perform various Discord tasks automatically. These apps can perform various tasks automatically from sending messages to manage roles in the server. These apps or bots are used to manage the Discord server.

discord app

Where to get Discord app?

Now you know, you can use Discord app to do many tasks in Discord. But where you will find the bots. You can find these apps on various third party websites, or the official bots website, or you can simply search them on your web browser.

These apps or bots are getting very popular and million of people are using them to manage the Discord server efficiently. In regards to this Discord has launched official App Directory, which is like Play Store or App Store, where you can find the app under many categories like entertainment, games, utilities, social, etc

App Directory Discord

discord app directory

Discord app directory is a place where you can find the Discord app of different categories. Discord app directory is currently available on the Discord desktop version. You can go to App Directory by clicking on the down arrow next to your server name. From the drop down menu click on “App Directory”. Now you can search for the app, or can choose the category to look for the app that you want to use.

How to add and authorize app on Discord

You can go to any third party website or can install app directly from app directory. We are using app directory to show you the complete process, each bot have the same process, so don’t worry you can use the same process to add and authorize app on Discord.

  • In Discord App Directory search for the app that you want, or click on the category(we are choosing games)
  • Now click on the app that you want to add
select discord app
  • Read about the app and click on “Add to Server”
add discord app
  • Select the server and click on “Continue” button
discord app install
  • Confirm the permission that the app needs
  • Click on “Authorize” button
authorize discord app
  • Confirm you are not a robot by solving captcha
  • Click on go to server button or close button
go to server discord
  • You have successfully added and authorize app on Discord.

Check authorize apps

discord authorized app

This is how you can add and authorize app on Discord. To check all the authorize apps you can go to User Settings>>Authorized Apps where you can see all the authorized app and there details and can also remove them if you want. That’s it for this post. Hope you liked it.

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