How To Activate & Use Voicemod On Discord

Discord is a very popular web-based application, used by millions of people to communicate via text, or audio, and you can voicemod to enhance your voice chat experience. Don’t know how you can use voicemod in Discord?

Don’t worry, in this post, we are going to talk about, how you can activate and use voicemod on your Discord app.

What is voicemod?

Voicemod is a free to use program, that let you modify your voice in real time while you using voice chat in Discord. You can apply various effects to modify your sound while talking to people on Discord. Now let’s check how you can activate it in Discord.

How to setup voicemod

  • First of all, you need to go to voicemod official website
  • On the website, scroll down a little, and click on “Get Voicemod Free”
get voicemod
  • Now you will be redirected to a new page, to create the account for voicemod
  • Click on “Enter with Discord” or you can use any other method as well
  • Follow the prompt to download the application
  • The voicemod application will start downloading
download voicemod
  • Install and setup voicemod application
  • In voicemod application, make sure to enable “hear my voice” to hear your voice and “voice changer” to change your voice
setup voicemod
  • Now select the microphone you are using in voicemod
  • Head to your computer settings, and in sound select “Voicemod Virtual Audio Device”

Activate and use voicemod in Discord

In the previous step, you have successfully installed and setup the voicemod application, now it time to know how you can use it with your Discord account.

  • Open your Discord app
  • Click on “User Settings”
discord user settings
  • Click on “Voice & Video” option, under “App Settings”
  • Now you need to change some sound settings to use voicemod
  • Change input device to “Voicemod Virtual Audio Device”
setup voicemod in discord
  • Now you can use voicemod to modify your voice in real time in Discord
  • Voicemod gives you various of options, based on your version of software, just click on any voice, and done.
using voicemod in discord
  • To go back to your normal voice, you can click on “Clean” or toggle off “Voice Changer” option.

This is how you can setup and use voicemod in Discord to enhance your voice chat experience. You can choose from multiple free options available for voice change, or you can also go for paid version to get more effects for your sound.

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