How To Activate Soundboard On Discord

Want to make your Discord chatting more fun? Do try Soundboard in your Discord server and make it funnier than ever. Don’t know much about Soundboard and how to activate and use it with Discord? Don’t worry. After reading the complete post, you will have all the answers to your questions.

What is Soundboard in Discord?

Soundboard is an amazing voice channel feature given by Discord that allows you to play a short sound clip or audio clip in your voice channel server that can be heard by all the members of the voice channel.

It is just like expressing yourself using reactions, super reactions, or emoji but with audio. So simply, it’s a more interesting way to react using sounds in a Discord voice channel.

How to activate Soundboard in Discord?

First, let me tell you this feature is available only on the desktop version, and you might not have this Soundboard feature in your Discord server for now. If you have the feature, you can see the Soundboard icon in your voice channel; follow the steps to use the Soundboard.

  • Open Discord on your desktop, and go to the voice channel of your choice.
  • Now if you have the feature, you will be able to see a Soundboard icon on the bottom left side
soundboard icon discord
  • Click on that
  • Now you can see various audio clips you can use, many audio given by Discord itself.
  • You can also add some custom sounds to the Soundboard.
  • Click on the “Add Sound” or “Upload Sound” button in the Soundboard panel.
soundboard upload sound discord
  • Select the sound you want to upload.
  • Give a name to your sound; you can also attach a related emoji for your sound.
  • Click on the “Upload” button, and you are done.
upload audio soundboard discord

By default, server has 8 sounds pre-loaded.

You have to boost your server to the next tier to get an additional slot. Tier 1:24 slots, Tier 2: 35 slots, Tier 3: 48 slots. Now that you know everything about Soundboard in Discord, use it to make your chat more interesting.

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