How To Activate ProBot In Discord All Details

Discord is a very popular social media application; millions of people use Discord daily because of its amazing features and abilities.

Adding bots is one of such features of Discord that people love to use that makes their interaction on Discord more fun and interesting.

ProBot is one of the most popular bots among Discord users. It has useful features like welcoming, leveling, moderation, and others. This post will tell you how to activate ProBot on your Discord server.

About ProBot

ProBot is a customizable multi-purpose, multi-lingual Discord bot for automating multiple tasks. You can set an automated welcome message for new members and auto-moderation that helps you keep your server safe and secure. ProBot guarantees more than 99% uptime.

How to activate ProBot in Discord?

  • Visit ProBot’s official website, click on the “Add To Discord” button.
invite probot in discord
  • A new Discord window will pop up; log in to your account.
  • Read all the access description
  • Select the Discord server of your choice
  • Click on the “Continue” button
add probot in discord
  • Give all the required permissions
  • Click on the “Authorize” button.
authorize probot in discord
  • And Done!! You have successfully added ProBot to your Discord server.
  • You will be on the ProBot dashboard; you can manage ProBot settings here.

How to use ProBot

Once you have added the ProBot to your Discord server, now its time to use it, and here’s how you can do this-

probot dashboard in discord
  • Go to the message section and type the command for ProBot, for example,- /rank
  • After the /rank mention member name
  • You can choose the member from the list, press enter
  • You will get the rank level of the member

There are various commands that you can use in ProBot. To know about all the commands of the ProBot, visit their official website- here.

Closing up this post. You can add ProBot and use it in your Discord server.

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