How To Activate Developer Mode In Discord

Do you want to activate developer mode in Discord? If your answer is yes, then you have landed on the right place. In this post, we are going to discuss about Discord’s developer mode, and how you can enable it.

Developer mode is Discord helps you access many additional features, if you are a bot developer, or just want to explore the feature for your curiosity, I will tell you the complete step by step procedure to enable the developer mode in Discord.

What is Discord’s developer mode?

Just like any other developer mode in other applications, Discord’s developer mode helps the developers to access some additional features. Developer mode in Discord give you some more information like server ids, channels ids, members ids, message ids, etc. You can view and copy these information to integrate your own bot to Discord.

How to enable developer mode in Discord?

Follow the steps below to turn on developer mode in Discord on your pc or in desktop version-

  • Open your Discord app
  • Click on the “User Setting” button
discord user settings
  • Now scroll down, and look for “Advanced” option, under “App Settings” section
  • Click on “Advanced” option
  • Now you will see “Developer Mode” option
  • Toggle on the “Developer Mode”
turn on developer mode in discord
  • You have successfully enabled the developer mode. Now you can access all the additional features of the mode.

Enable developer mode in Discord mobile

If you use Discord on your mobile, here’s how you can activate developer mode-

  • Open your Discord mobile app
  • Click on the “Profile Icon” from bottom navigation bar
  • Look for “Behavior” under “App Settings” and click on that
  • On the next screen, you will see “Developer Mode”
turn on developer mode in discord mobile
  • Toggle on the “Developer Mode” to get access
  • And Done !! You have successfully enables developer mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why developer mode is not visible in my Discord accout?

Earlier, developer mode was under the “Appearance Settings”. But Discord has shifted the mode to “Advanced” option under “App Settings”. You might be looking at the older place. Or you might not be using the latest version of the app.

How to find the server, message, user ids?

After enabling the developer mode, you just need to right click on message, or user. There you will see the option “Copy Id” to get the id.

developer mode discord feature

Can I enable developer mode using mobile?

Yes, you can do this. We have also shared the step by step procedure to do the same.

Wrapping up the post now. We have shared everything about the Discord’s developer mode. Now you can easily enable the mode and can access the additional features.

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