How To Act Cool On Discord | Amazing Tips And Tricks

Discord is a very popular social media platform, where millions of people come together for fun on daily basis. And this number is increasing day by day. On Discord, not only you get in touch with your friends, you can also talk with people with same interest or you can even build a community.

Everyone want to stand out from the crowd and want to look cool. If you also have the same aspiration, we are here for you. In this post, we will talk about some amazing tips and tricks, that you can use to look cool in Discord.

Use cool username

use cool username discord

First thing the user notices is your username. You can set your username as cool as possible to have a great impact on other users. And the good news is Discord now allows user to set up or change the username to some unique by themselves, instead of just adding some random number at the end. So create a username that reflect your personality and interest.

Text Formatting

discord text formatting

Text formatting is the other thing, that you can use to look cool in Discord. Anyone can get bored just by talking in monotonous text. You can make your chat more interesting my making your font bold, italic, underline or by using emojis as well.

Use Bots

discord bot

Discord gives you many crazy and amazing feature, using bot is one of them. There are hundreds of bots available for various tasks. You can set up bots to do things for you. You can automate replies, welcome messages, and can set up bots for various other things.

Special Integrations

discord special integration

Discord comes with various in built integrations, that can make your Discord experience even more fun. You can integrate Twitter, Xbox, PS, Youtube, Steam, Spotify, and many other platforms in your Discord server, and can enjoy with your community.

Discord Nitro

While Discord is a free to use social media platform. It also have a paid pro version known as Discord Nitro. If you choose to get Discord Nitro, you will get many other additional features like custom discord tags, screen sharing at very high quality, use your own gifs, and other.

discord nitro

Play Music

You can play music in your chat. Discord gives you the feature to use Spotify directly in the server, But you can also use some third party bots to play music while you chat with your friends.

Be Real

The best advice that, I can give you to look cool on Discord is to be yourself. Talk with people in a friendly manner. Respect other people. Just enjoy the overall experience on Discord, not just try to look cool. Wrapping up the post with this. Hope you find the tips helpful.

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