How To Access Audit Log In Discord | All Details

Discord is a place where you can connect with millions of people on a daily basis. You might be a creator who has a community of people, or you might be a part of it. There are possibilities that you only connect with your friends on Discord.

But in every scenario, security is a must. That’s where Audit Logs come in. Using audit logs in Discord, you can manage your server more safely. In this post, we will learn more about Audit Logs and how you can use them in your Discord server.

What is Audit Log?

The audit log is a kind of tracker feature given by Discord. The audit log keeps track of every moderation activity with the name of the user who performed that. These audit logs cover the last 90 days of activities.

audit log discord

In simple words, Audit Log is a record of activities like new channel creation, delete channel, message deletion, members ban or unban, roles creation or update, or any other server moderation activity with the person who has executed this activity.

How to access the audit log in Discord?

Now let’s learn how you can access the audit log in Discord. First, to view the audit log, you need to have “View Audit Log” permission. Follow the steps to view the audit log.

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Now go to the server for which you want to view the audit log
  • Go to “Server Settings”
server audit log discord
  • Click on the “Audit Log” option.
  • Now you will see all the audit logs
  • You can also filter out audit logs based on user or action.

So, this is how you can access and view the audit logs in your Discord server. You should check audit logs from time to time. This helps you in keeping your server and member safe. And if someone has done something, you can take action to debug the issues.

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