How Can You Join and get a HypeSquad Badge?

Have you seen the new HypeSquad badge along with the username of some user on Discord? Pretty Cool, Right !! Do you also want to know, what is this all about, and want to get a HypeSquad badge for you? In this post, we will be discussing the same and other important things related to Discord HypeSquad.

What is Discord HypeSquad?

HypeSquad in Discord is like a special community of people, who are entitled to get some additional benefits and perks in exchange they serve as ambassadors or representatives of Discord.

These users need to be very active and help Discord by reviewing new features, providing help with technical issues, providing other support, and promoting Discord to grow the Discord community.

HypeSquad Houses

There are 3 HypeSquad houses in Discord, each with their own unique icon character and color.

hypesquad house discord

House of Bravery
The universe needs people to lead the charge with confident optimism and tenacity. Without the brave, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.

House of Brilliance
It takes patience and discipline to become a vital member of the universe. Without brilliance, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.

House of Balance
Harmony and poise are necessary to create equilibrium in the universe. Without balance, the HypeSquad would descend into chaos.

How to join a HypeSquad house?

Let me tell you, getting into HypeSquad is not that tough, but you can’t select the house of your choice. You need to answer some questions and based on your answer you will get any of the HypeSquad houses. Follow the steps given below to join HypeSquad-

  • Open and log in to Discord
  • Go to “User Settings”
discord user settings
  • Scroll down, and click on “HypeSquad”
  • Next, click on “Join HypeSquad” button
join hypesquad
  • Now you will be asked 5 MCQ questions
  • Answer all the questions honestly, and do
hypesquad join question
  • You will be part of HypeSquad after that.
hypesquad joined

How to change the HypeSquad house?

You get the HypeSquad house based on the answers you provided, and it is an automatic process, you don’t have the choice to select or change your HypeSquad. But you can always retake the test and try your luck by providing some different answers this time.


That’s all about Discord HypeSquad, where you get some additional benefits, and you have to give some services in exchange. You also get a house badge next to your username once you join the HypeSquad. Once you are part of the community you need to be truly active and help Discord grow its community.

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