Bots You Can Use To Automatically Post Tweets To Discord

There are multiple social media platform out there, but Twitter or X you may say, is one of it’s kind platform. In Twitter any one can view other people’s tweet and can interact with them. Did you find something interesting that you want to share with your community of Discord.

Well, you can do it, wanna know how? Read the post, as in this post, we are going to talk about some bots that you can use to post the tweets directly and automatically in Discord. So let’s start.

Bots to automatically post tweet in Discord

There are multiple bots available for posting tweets automatically in Discord, some are multi-functional and some are dedicated to perform specific function. Below you can find some bots that you can use.


mee6 in discord

MEE6 is a popular multi-functional Discord bot. It is free to use bot, but you have to buy the subscription to do some advance tasks like connect twitter with your Discord. In the premium version you can connect the twitter and enter the username to post the tweets from the same twitter account.

Tweet Shift

Tweet Shift is the bot that you can use to post the tweets directly into your Discord channel. Other that that it gives you the functionality to retweet or like a twitter(X) post, directly from Discord.

tweet shift discord


With QTweet you can get the latest twitter post from an account and post it to the Discord with a single command. It is quite easy to install and use, and you just need a command to get the work done.

So these are some bots, there are many other bots that you can try. To use any bot you need to authorize the bot in your Discord server, set up the bot to auto post tweets. And using any bot are quite similar, so you will not face any kind of issue while using it. But to make it clear, below we are sharing how you can use QTweet.

Using QTweet to post in Discord

  • First of all go to to get QTweet bot
  • Click on “Invite” button, to add the bot
qtweet discord
  • You will be redirected to Discord, login if not already
  • Select the server, and click on “Continue” button
qtweet install discord
  • Read and grant the permission that QTweet wants by clicking “Authorize” button
authorize qtweet discord
  • Solve the captcha and done.
  • Now you can type “/tweet <username>” to get the latest post by the user.

Wrapping Up

These are some bots that you can try to post the tweets automatically in your Discord server. Hope you find the post helpful.

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