Avoid Something’s Going On Here- Discord Error Fix

Millions of people like me and you, use Discord on daily basis, which is quite fun. But sometimes Discord is just annoying, specially when you get “Something’s Going On” message, which is quite very common. You might have also get into this message, but why this message?

Sometimes this message comes with an option to verify your phone number to your Discord account, but some user also get it even after verifying the phone number at the time of account creation or later. If you are one of them, and want to fix this issue, you are on the right place. In this post, we are going to talk about how you can avoid “Something’s Going On Here” error.

Avoid Something’s Going On Here Error

Mostly when you verify your phone number the error should be gone. But there are many people, who don’t want to share their number, or still got the error, so here are the alternatives that you can use to get out of this issue.

Use an alternate phone number

discord something going here solution

Discord just want to verify your phone number for your and other users security. But you don’t need to give your personal/professional number, you can use your alternative number, or your family member number to get verify, and then you can use Discord without any number. But make sure, you have access to that number, because you have to enter the code you receive to complete the verification process.

Re-start your app

The simplest thing that you can try is to re-start the Discord. Close the app, wait a little and re launch the app, now check if you still got the error or not. If the issue persist you can try restarting your device too.

Logout from Discord

Do logout from your Discord account, restart the app, and then login to your account. This fixes most of the errors.

Re-install or update Discord

discord old version

You can trying re-installing the Discord app. Many social media platforms including Discord, may generate error, if you are using the old version. Discord is a growing platform, so they release new updates frequently to give a better experience to the user. So make sure you are using the latest version of Discord.

Contact Support Service

If you still stuck at “Something’s Going On Here” after trying everything, you should consider contacting Discord support service, and take the guidance from them. You can contact them from their official website or click here to get a redirect.

Get a new Discord account

These are the ways that you can try, to avoid “Something’s Going On Here” message. But if, none of the things works for you, you can create a new Discord account for yourself. Yes, this might be very annoying to create a new account, and get into all the servers and channel again, but that’s the last hope.

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