Avoid Discord Black Screen When Streaming – Reason & Solution

Screen goes black while streaming on Discord? This is a very common issue faced my many Discord users. Discord has the feature to let you share your screen, but while streaming many users has encountered black screen. If you have also encountered that same issue, don’t worry.

As in this post, we will cover the reason and solutions to black screen on Discord while steaming, so that you can avoid that issue, and can enjoy with your friends and community uninterruptedly .

Discord black screen reasons

There can be multiple reasons behind getting a black screen on Discord while streaming. Some of the common reasons are-

Discord old version- This is one of the most common issue, Discord is a growing platform, so they release updates and new versions of the platform to give users a more satisfied experience, but sometimes user forget to update the app, this might cause various issues.

discord old version

Graphics driver– Graphic drivers play a crucial role in any kind of activity on your computer. Sometimes graphic driver got corrupt or outdated which can cause error like these.

Hardware acceleration– Hardware acceleration means enhancing the performance using the hardware, so if your hardware in powerful, you can turn on the hardware acceleration. But if you don’t have supporting hardware like a powerful GPU, keeping hardware acceleration on, can cause multiple issues, or vice versa.

discord hardware

Beside that there are many other reasons that can cause black screen on Discord while streaming like multiple Discord processes, cache, other.

Discord black screen solutions

Now you know what cause Discord black screen issue, below are some solutions that you can use to avoid Discord black screen.

Update Discord– First thing is to use Discord latest version. Check for updates on Discord, and if the app has got new update, make sure you install them all.

Proper Graphics Driver– Updating your graphics driver can fix the issue you are facing. You can always download the drivers from the official websites of the organization, or you can use a third part tool to get all the drivers at once.

Change Hardware Acceleration Settings– To change hardware acceleration, go to Discord and click on “User Settings”. Under “Appearance” you can toggle on/off “Hardware Acceleration” and can check the results.

discord hardware acceleration turn on

Clear Cache– Cache might be the issue for black screen, clear all the Discord cache and see the difference.

Run Discord As Administrator– Discord doesn’t need any kind of admin permission to work normally, but sometimes there could be some back end process that might need admin right, so running Discord as administrator can solve the issue.

discord run as administrator

Try Windowed Mode– Discord streams in full screen, which might cause black screen while streaming, in this case you can use windowed mode, by exiting the full screen mode. To do so press- Ctrl+Shift+F, from your keyboard.

Final Words

So these are some common reasons behind black screen on Discord. We have also shared various solutions that you can try to resolve the issue. If the issue persist you can try to reinstall Discord, or have a service for your device.

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